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Welcome to my dumping ground for all my custom covers for all sorts of scores and soundtracks. Feel free to download any of them for your own personal use. All covers are provided in at least 600 x 600 px, and many of them even larger.

Avalon (2001)[added December 2015]

Azumanga Daioh Character CDs[added April 2011]

Battlestar Galactica[added March 2015, updated February 2016]

Here’s a complete set for the 2004 TV series “Battlestar Galactica”, the pilot, the two movies, and a “Suites” album. Background images by Starkiteckt, used with permission.

Deus Ex Game Series[added June 2017]

These are artworks for DXMD, to match the one i made for the Complete Score of DXHR some time ago.

Here’s the one for Human Revolution, as well as another one for Mankind Divided: the Digital OST Sampler:

Divergent Film Series[added July 2016]

A set for all 4 parts of the Divergent film series. I’ve recreated the logos from scratch to get the best possible match across all 4. The composer for the 4th is still a guess of course, but i’ll update the cover if things change.

Dragon Age[added November 2014, updated November 2015]

A matching set for the three Dragon Age games, plus the Tavern Songs as bonus.

Eufloria[added June 2016]

FTL – Faster Than Light[added January 2016]

Original Soundtrack

Advanced Soundtrack

Game of Thrones[added February 2015, updated December 2018]

A couple of complete sets for all eight seasons. Sigils from imgur, splatter brushes from WeGraphics.

Series F – blood splatters:

Series G – paint splatters:

Half-Life Franchise[added February 2011]

Okay, this is going to be a big one. Included are pretty much all of the major (and minor) releases of the Half-Life and Portal games. Also included are most of the add-ons and several mods, as well as related Valve games, such as Counter-Strike and Team Fortress. I re-drew most of the logos myself, to ensure the best possible quality.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft[added November 2015]

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice[added December 2018]

At last, a proper soundtrack release! But as always, the official cover is somewhat lacking in artistry: key art, logo, and “Original Soundtrack” slapped together without much thought. Granted, my custom cover #1 has the same elements, but i put great care in the visual balance. For covers #2 – 4 i used other official artwork, the remaining ones came from the excellent Dead End Thrills.

Homeworld Remastered & Deserts of Kharak[added March 2015, updated December 2017]

A lot of covers to chose from for the two remastered Homeworld games soundtracks. Expanded to include the “Deserts of Kharak” game. (Here i added a circle below the logo to make it more consistent with the original titles.)

Series A – inspired by the official soundtrack artwork:

Series B – inspired by the Collector’s Edition box:

Series C – continuing the “cardboard box” concept:

Series D – inspired by the Remastered Collection “digital boxes”:

Series E – a more straightforward/oldfashioned “space nebula in the back” cover:

Series F – inspired by the Collector’s Edition booklet – no background:

Series G – inspired by the Collector’s Edition booklet – with background:

Horizon Zero Dawn[added June 2017]

The soundtrack (a whopping 4-CD release) really surprised me: great music, and a lot of it. The official cover (click to see it), however, is as boring as it gets: key artwork, logo, and “Official Soundtrack” slapped in the lower right corner, using a typeface that’s completely out of place. Plus, i don’t think that this key artwork even works all that well, what with Aloy (the heroine of the game) looking away from the beast she’s about to slay. Sure, we can see her face, but the scene feels somewhat off.

Still, i did use it in my own cover #1, but i used a slightly different (dare i say “better”) crop and cleaned it up a little bit. I also added a few composers’ credits, since there are quite a few contributing artists here. The font i used is somewhat similar to what’s being used in the game. Covers #2 – #4 are all permutations of the same idea: official key art plus the composers. It’s only when we get the the last 3 that things get a bit more intersting. #5 is actually the title cover of the Official Artbook (but cleaned up a lot); unfortunately, there was no room for all the composers here, so i omitted them. #6 also worked better without it. #7 is the only one without any official artwork – it's an awesome piece i found on deviantART [used with permission]. The text is somewhat hard to read, but i like the overal floaty feeling of it.

Iceman – Der Mann aus dem Eis[added December 2017]

This one is rather special to me, since a cousin of mine worked on the film as set dresser. The first cover is basically the original one recreated, while for the other ones i went for a more tribal theme.

Indiana Jones[added January 2011, updated May 2016]

Inspired by the DVD box set.

Mass Effect[added March 2012, updated March 2017]

MechWarrior 2[added November 2015]

By many considered to be one of the best game soundtracks of all time. This set is inspired by the original boxes, but is somewhat anachronistic: the mechs (and the Battletech logo) are much more recent – but i had to use them, they’re too awesome!

Metal Slug – Complete Sound Box[added September 2015]

Technically, this set is not really the Complete Sound Box. But it is a complete and matching set for the seven main games.

Mirror’s Edge[added June 2015]

With Mirror’s Edge Catalyst just announced, i couldn’t help but revisit the original. It’s still a favourite of mine – both the game and the two albums: the Theme Song Remixes by Lisa Miskovsky, and the score by Solar Fields. The official album covers were not that amazing, but serviceable. I never liked the font treatment though, so that was the first thing i fixed. (And i can’t believe i had to use Helvetica, but what can you do, it’s the “official” typeface – and it works well here.)

Series 1 – Inspired by the official box art:

Series 2 – “Banner/flag”:

Series 3 – “Magazine cover”:

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst[added July 2016]

And here it is, a pool of covers for the second Mirror’s Edge – matched to look like the ones i made for the first.

Series 1 – Inspired by the official box art:

Series 2:

Series 3:

Passengers (2016)[added March 2017]

Star Trek TV shows[added December 2011]

Submerged[added September 2018]

The Elder Scrolls[added December 2016, updated August 2019]

An extensive collection for pretty much all of the Elder Scrolls games, add-ons, and a bunch of mods and total conversions.

The Hunger Games[added November 2015]

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit[added October 2012, updated September 2015]

A set for The Complete Recordings & “The Rarities Archive”:

And a matching set for the three Hobbit movies:

The Martian (2015)[added October 2015]

The Tolkien Ensemble – Complete Works[added January 2016]

A matching set for The Tolkien Ensemble’s complete body of work: The 4 “Rivendell” albums and the “Complete Poems & Songs” compilation album. For the latter one i made an additional cover in near-black to reflect the style of the official artwork.
(Read the complete story behind this set over on HQCovers.)

As a bonus, i created a second set that comes with a parchment texture and a font that is reminiscent of handwritten text.

Tomb Raider Reboot Trilogy[added October 2018]

Two sets for the new Tomb Raider games trilogy.

Signature Series

Mood Series

Unreal Franchise[added November 2011, updated November 2015]

A complete set for the Unreal and Unreal Tournament game series. For the latest UT i took Goooooooba’s logo concept, since i prefer this to the official one by a country mile.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets[added July 2017]


Here’s a bunch of covers that come in pairs. Be it miniseries, 2-parters, or two variations on one cover.

American McGee’s Alice

600 px

Alice: Madness Returns

600 px

Annihilation (remake)

600 px1000 px

Annihilation (custom)

600 px

Everlasting Summer: Bright Side

600 px1000 px

Everlasting Summer: Dark Side

600 px1000 px

Fantaghiro (remake)

600 px1000 px

Fantaghiro 2

600 px1000 px

Feadz – Maxi Beef (remake)

600 px

Feadz – People Numbers Money Business

600 px

FLCL OST 1 (remake)

600 px

FLCL OST 2 (remake)

600 px

I.M.P.S. The Relentless: Chapter 1

600 px

I.M.P.S. The Relentless: Chapter 2

600 px

How to Train Your Dragon: Nightfury Edition

600 px

How to Train Your Dragon 2: FYC

600 px

Source Code

600 px1000 px

Source Code (Expanded)

600 px1000 px


600 px

Stardust (Recording Sessions)

600 px

There Came an Echo (remake)

600 px1000 px

There Came an Echo

600 px1000 px

Total Recall (2014) (Complete)

600 px1000 px

Total Recall (2014) (Complete)

600 px1000 px

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

600 px


600 px


And finally, here’s even more covers! Covers that don’t belong to a certain theme or franchise, so i’m dumping them here. Some of them are just remakes, when the original was of low quality.

Alien: Covenant

600 px1000 px

Boards of Canada – Societas X Tape

600 px1000 px

Cave Story +

600 px


600 px1000 px

Cruel Intentions: The Album (remake)

600 px1000 px


600 px

EVE Online

600 px1000 px

Fistful of Rupees

600 px

I, Robot

600 px


600 px


600 px

Iron Giant (Complete)

600 px

Lara Croft Go

600 px1000 px


600 px

Mean Dreams (remake)

600 px1000 px

Mr. Nobody

600 px1000 px

Oats Studios: Volume 1

600 px1000 px


600 px1000 px

Room 317

600 px

Six Days Seven Nights (remake)

600 px

Soul Surfer

600 px

Star Wars: The Old Republic (Collector’s Edition)

600 px

The 78 Project – Volume K

600 px

The Legend of Zelda: 30th Anniversary Concert (remake)

600 px1000 px

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

600 px

Titan A.E. (Complete)

600 px1000 px

TRON Legacy: Metrotokyo Edition

600 px1000 px

Yaybahar by Görkem Sen

600 px


All custom covers are for personal use only. You may link to this page, but you may NOT hotlink to individual pictures, copy, or redistribute anything without explicit permission from me.

Images and logos used in these covers belong to the companies that made these respective films / games / TV shows, unless otherwise stated. No Copyright infringement is intended.

Images (including textures) were used under the Creative Commons License, under the fair use rationale, with permission, or purchased. Linkbacks: iam8bit, Smattila, Starkiteckt, steve-burg, WeGraphics.

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